Contributions to the campaign are welcomed and appreciated. Amounts $25 and under can be made in person or via e-transfer. All contributions above $25 must be made via:

- Cheque: made payable to Stephen Linton

- Donation site: CLICK HERE

- e-transfer:

Your contribution will cover costs related to:

- Canvassing material (Flyers, door hangers)

- Volunteer T-shirts

- Lawn signs

- Social media expenses

- Volunteer appreciation

Who may contribute:

  1. An individual who is normally a resident in Ontario.
  2. The candidate and his or her spouse (if not normally a resident in Ontario, a candidate and his or her spouse may make contributions only to the candidate’s election campaign)


To volunteer with the campaign please click here or email: 

Volunteer hours and letters will be provided.

Lawn Signs

To request a lawn sign please click here or email